Independent Music Award Nomination and ISC Semi Finals

This worldwide hibernation is changing so many things about how we think, operate and plan for the future. I hope this finds you well and doing as best you can. I have been at home like many, wondering, worrying and trying to figure out what to do next.

Music has been such a big part of my life and playing shows will not be in the cards for the next while. I have made many recordings in the past and I am excited that the latest album has been so well received this past few months.

It has been awarded a number of accolades:

The Thunder Bay Blues Society Best Self Produced Blues Album for the International Blues Competition

The International Songwriting Competition awarded the song "Show Me Mercy" as a Semi-finalist in this years nominations. I made a video of the song on Youtube, it has a very fitting theme given what we are all going through these days, particularly if people are alone.

The Independent Music Awards has also nominated the album in the Blues Category this year.

Quite a few accomplishments on the new album launched in May of 2019.

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