French Review of Sunday wilde & the 1 Eyed Jacks

Imagine the space of a moment a vocal mix between Amy Winehouse and Eartha Kitt, and you already have a little idea of the atypical voice stamp of Sunday Wilde! And when you know that I never like the Blues as much as when it goes astray a little on the paths of cross, so it is not surprising that this artist speaks to me particularly. Moreover from the very first title she comes to pick us cold with an incredible recovery, both vocal and musical, of "evil " of Willie Dixon, and all along this album floats a rather peculiar and extremely pleasant atmosphere which he is difficult to extract.

Compared to more classical productions the CD is also distinguished by the absence of long guitar chorus without ever this harming the ensemble, while the double bass brings this little jazzy side that also participates in this musical coloring extremely interesting. If we add to this incredible voice of the native of Ontario who comes to tape us on each title, it is not surprising that she has received many awards and appointments since the beginning of her career. In conclusion here is an excellent album to consume without moderation for who appreciates like me to go out of the beaten path! "

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