Peace in Trouble releases March 14

NO DRUMS & NO GUITARS - Blues simply!

Sunday wilde's 9th release is comprised of 11 tracks recorded on a real piano in herliving room . Simple. You will find female tales of love, trouble, peace, worry, men,advice and friendships. The selections are bluesy, jazzy and have an old style intimate sound without guitar or drums.

"She is a refreshing spirit, She
writes great songs and I love that
she doesn't try to sing like Janis."
Harpdog Brown

Feature tracks on this are "Trouble " . The thing that follows us no matter where we go. The haunting song is accented by Harpdog Brown on harmonica. "Peace for Everyone" a gospel blues prayer to the world reminding us all that we are equal in our struggles, with joyful clarinet ending the album. "Too Damn Cute" a fun zesty blues boogie. "One Day we Will" inspired by Harpdog Brown's winter visit, a tale of a friend hoping to stay up late drinking whiskey with a brave man. All songs are written by Sunday with the exception of her version of Willie Dixons, Home to Momma.

The special art design cover was created by Seattle artist Joel Astley during a special one of a kind fb live event where viewers had the chance to watch him create the design while listening to the new music for a premiere listening party.

Sunday's previous releases have garnered worldwide accolades with radio play hitting number one on Siriusxm Radio, Roots Music Report in Canada and on the Earshot Charts across Canada for blues. She has received numerous nominations including Best Blues Album for the 2019 Independent Music Awards, Best Blues Song Voters Choice for the IMA, and finalist in the ISC for Blues. She resides in Northern Ontario where she continues to create and write. 


New Release 2019

Sunday wilde & the 1 Eyed Jacks 

Nominee for Blues Album for the Independent Music Awards

Semi Finalist for "Show Me Mercy" for the International Songwriting Competition

Thunder Bay Blues Society Best Self Produced Blues Album for the International Blues Competition

“This lady is pure blues from her piano chops to her unique and addictive vocal styling. I can’t stop and I won’t” Harpdog Brown

Sunday’s previous releases have spun worldwide on roots and blues stations and continue to be charted at the Roots Music Report. She has won a number of song writing awards and this is her 8th release.   The recording brings back the roots of her sound – live, off the floor, and on this album she is accompanied by her back up musicians, the 1 Eyed jacks. The 11 tracks are comprised of the usual Sunday lyrical recipe of man troubles, depression, and tormented love, her rocking piano style, as well as her ‘one of a kind’ vocals.

 Feature tracks on this selection are a tale of hope and grief titled “Dead Man’s Clothes’’, a jazzy blues tune that focuses on the need of passing on the belongings of those departed, and what burdens they bring. Sunday does play homage to a few blues classics in this selection, most notably the blues standard “It Hurts Me Too” – which she has turned into a sullen tale, at once sparsely sad and eerily romantic. Opening up the album, Sunday creates a new spin on the classic Willie Dixon tune ‘Evil’ . In this selection of songs you will hear some honky tonk, some sullen blues ballads, as well as a few jazzier tunes.

The 1 eyed jacks features Colin Craig on drums, a multi-genre percussionist who studied jazz drumming at Humber College and Arek Chamski on upright bass, who performs with a number of bands in the Thunder Bay area. Guitar World magazine featured artist Ari Lahdekorpi, of Vancouver, plays guitar on many of the tracks. All but one track were engineered and mixed by Gregory W. Schultz, this being his third album collaborating with Sunday. The special track “Spirits Up My Friend”, dedicated to her late partner Reno Jack, was produced by Mark Saville at Vintage Room studio.


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 Blueberries & Grits - 2016 Release

The sixth release from award winning blues and roots artist, Sunday wilde from Northern Ontario. This album was recorded in Memphis and Clarksdale, produced by 2 time Grammy nominee Gary Vincent , and is the result of two major trips from Northern Ontario to the Delta.

Sunday retains the theme of “men” in her sixth release with her prayer to god to “Show Me A Man” with the list of things that she wanted to find in the perfect man and “That Man Drives Me Mad” her take on a complicated relationship. She also covers a Willie Dixon tune “John the Conquer Root” twisting the meaning of the original into what a woman can do to get by in the world and changing the mood to be an eerie tale. She also does a Ruth Brown Cover called Daddy Daddy, a soft and sultry cover bringing back the feel of Mississippi John Hurt into the tune, as well as a sexy sad duet with Reno Jack called “One of These Days”. All the songs retain her distinctive delivery and vocals with an array of emotions. 

The album contains ten songs, with all acoustic instruments including a 1857 cottage pump organ played by Grammy winner Billy Earheart from the Amazing Rhythm Aces, trumpet by Roger Reupert, upright bass by Reno Jack, Dobro by Sturgis Nikides, drums by Rickey “Quicksand” Martin, washboard by April Mae, other guitar tracks by Dave Fecca, Johnny Cass, Robert Hughes, and backup vocals by Watermelon Slim and Mandy Lemons.